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Mr. Marindany Kirui,the Ozone National coordinator, addressing participants during the stakeholders workshop on Green cooling initiatives at the Fairview hotel, Nb

The principal Secretary for Environment and Forestry Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed has said training standards should be adopted for technicians who handle refrigeration and air-conditioning in order to reduce global warming.

The PS noted that minimum training and certification requirements for technicians handling low global warming potential refrigerants should be adopted at the national level.

Such training would allow only certified technicians to install, maintain, repair, recover, and dismantle refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC) equipment and systems.

Dr. Mohamed called on entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the cooling industry to adopt modern technologies that consumed low energy and operated using natural refrigerants that did not impact negatively onthe Ozone Layer and Climate.

He made the remarks in a speech read for him by the director of Multilateral Environment Agreements Mr. Richard Mwendandu during a Green Cooling Initiative workshop for stakeholders held at a Nairobi hotel.

The PS lamented thatmost of the RAC equipment in the country were inefficient because they are based on obsolete technologies that contained refrigerants notorious for depleting the ozone layer or caused global warming.

He observed that “the situation is made worse by the fact that alternatives that are friendly to Ozone Layer and climate are not readily available in the country and had to be imported against an inadequate number of trained RAC Service technicians”.

Further Dr. Mohamed said, the installation, servicing, repair and dismantling of RAC equipment operating with such refrigerants needs to be carefully evaluated and considered in the context of safety.

The training and certification workshop sponsored by the German agency for International development gizProklimathrough the Ministry,s National Ozone Unitwas attended by officials of technical training institutions, Ministry of energy, Kenya Renewable Energy association, Kenya Industrial Research and  DevelopmentInstitute (KIRDI),  Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HEVAC) of Kenya among others.

The gizteam was led by katharina Arndt while Mr. MarindanyKirui represented the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

DMEAs, Mr. Richard Mwendandu, giving the PS remarks, during the official opening of the Green Cooling Initiative Stakeholders workshop at the Fairview hotel, Nbi.

Environment and Forestry CS Keriako Tobiko has called on heads of agencies under his ministry to evaluate their performance contracts to ascertain if they have met their set targets.
The CS has said that signing of performance contracts  will enhance productivity of workers and make them more accountable in resource utilization.
 The CS was speaking today when he was overseeing the signing of performance contracts for Kenya Forest Service (KFS )and National Environmental Trust Fund (NETFUND), at the ministry headquarters .
CS Tobiko said that next week the ministry  will undertake evaluation to ascertain if the ministry has achieved its set targets.
The organizations were represented by  KFS Chairman Peter Kinyua , KFS Vice Chairperson Peter Wandera, Ag Chief Conservator Monica Kalenda, NETFUND acting CEO Samson Toniok and NETFUND Chairman Moses Akaranga.
    • Rainfall Review

Rainfall was recorded over parts of the Lake Victoria Basin, Highlands West of the Rift Valley, Central and South Rift Valley; the Central Highlands; the Northeast and the Coast. However, Nairobi, the Southeast Lowlands and the Northwest remained mostly dry.A comparison between the previous seven days (18th to 24th March, 2019) with the period under review (25th to 31stMarch, 2019) indicatesthat rainfall amounts increased over several parts of the country.

Bungoma Water Supply Offices recorded the highest seven-day total rainfall of83.9mm. Other stations that recorded significantrainfall totals during the review period includeBusia Ministry of Water Offices (61.4mm), Eluuya Girls Secondary School in Bungoma County (60.7mm), Webuye Sub County Agricultural Office in Bungoma County (57.8mm), Thika Meteorological Station (49.2mm) and  Karurumo Rainfall Station in Murang’a County (48.5mm)as depicted in Figures 1 and 2.

A number of stations also recorded heavy rainfall (20 – 50mm within 24hours) and very heavy rainfall (>50mm within 24hours) within the review period (particularly on 27th Mar, 2019). These include Bungoma Water Supply Offices (73.5mm), Eluuya Girls Secondary School (60.7mm), Thika Meteorological Station (49.2mm), Tuthu Rainfall Stationin Murang’a County(47.3mm), Meru Meteorological Station (43.2mm) and Kaimosi Tea Factory (41.7mm) as depicted in Figure 3…….read more


Environment and Forestry PS Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed recieves a Implementation document of the Green Cooling Initiative from Nika Greger the project manager of GIZ,PROKLIMA.

The adapting of ozone and climate friendly technologies will boost the country’s nationally determined contributions to the Parisclimate agreement, Principal secretary for Environment and Forestry Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed has said.

He said that with the assistance of development partners, Kenya is implementing the Green Cooling Initiative (GCI), a project supported by the German Government aiming to promote sustainable cooling technologies that protect the global climate.

The GCI Network is an alliance of key players in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(RAC) sector and comprises government institutions, international organizations and the private sector.

The PS underscored the importance of collaboration between diverse stakeholders to reduce global warming through new technologies adding that Kenya had experienced devastatingeffects of drought and floods courtesy of climate change.

Kenya’s NDC’s include generation of clean energy, reduction of emissions from the Forestry, Industry, Transportation and the waste sectors.

The German Agency for development (GIZ) has supported the Ministry of Environment to train refrigeration technicians and the customs officials on eliminating substances that deplete the ozone layer and contribute to green house gases emissions.

Production and consumption of Ozone depleting substances usually contained in refrigerants were to be eliminated globally by January 2019, according to the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal protocol of 1987.

Dr. Mohamed notedthat by implementing the GCI the Ministry of Environment and Forestry will support food security and universal health that were pillars in the Governments big four agenda.

He was speaking in his office when he received officials of  GIZ of the German agency for development alongside some International Consultants responsible of global activities and national support for GCI who are currently visiting the country.

The GCI project aims to raise awareness of the significant mitigation potential associated with ozone and climate friendly cooling technologies. It will also support Kenya to formulate mitigation strategies in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning among other issues.

The GIZ and International consultants’ team was led by Nika Greger the PROKLIMA project manager.

The Ministry’s director for Multi-lateral environment agreements Richard Mwendandu and National Ozone coordinator MarindanyKirui flanked the Principal secretary.

Nika Greger project manager of Giz PROKLIMA during a courtesy call on PS Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed at his office.


Notice is hereby given to the General Public that the Taskforce on the
Implementation of the Decision of the African Court on Human and Peoples’
Rights will be visiting the Embobut Forest ecosystem…….Read More


Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed, PS Environment and Forestry when he addressed roundtable meeting of development partners to discuss the Ministry’s Priority Investment Areas at a Nairobi hotel.

The Environment and Forestry Principal Secretary Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed has called for collaboration by all stakeholders to develop innovations to address emerging environmental challenges.

He said climate change, pollution, degradation of biodiversity, renewable energy and research were some of the pressing environmental challenges facing Kenya’s growth and economic development.

“Realization of the country’s development goals and priorities as anchored in the vision2030 and the country’s Big Four Agenda is highly dependent on the sustainable management of the environment” the PS noted.

Dr Mohamed was speaking this morning at a Nairobi hotel during a development partner’s round table meeting where the Ministry enumerated its priority investment areas for sustainable management of the environment.

The meeting organized by the Ministry through National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) aims at seeking funding from development partners to support projects in the five thematic areas.

During the meeting it emerged that Kenya lost 18,000 lives annually due to respiratory ailments caused by massive pollution.

The meeting was attended by officials from the African Development Bank (AfDB) European Union (EU), Netherlands Embassy, JICA, DANIDA, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) Embassy, Italian Embassy ,Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), UN Environment, World Wide Fund (WWF) Council of Governors (COG), International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organization (KARLO) among others.


Wet weather is expected over the North Eastern parts the country from Tuesday evening 26th to 28th March, 2019.

Heavy rainfall of more than 30mm in 24 hours is expected on Wednesday 27th March 2019 over several places in Wajir, Garissa counties and over parts of Mandera, Isiolo and Marsabit Counties. The heavy rainfall is likely to continue on Thursday 28th March 2019 over the northern parts of Wajir and Marsabit counties.

Moderate wet weather is also expected over the Western parts of the Country and the Central Highlands…..read more


Most parts of the country continued to experience hot and dry conditions with only a few stations recording light rainfall. A comparison between the previous seven days (11th to 17th March, 2019) with the period under review (18th  to 24th  March, 2019) indicates that rainfall amounts continued to decrease throughout the country.

Kisii Meteorological Station recorded the highest seven-day total rainfall of 3.9mm. Other stations that received some rainfall during the review period are Nakuru Meteorological Station (1.4mm), and Moyale Meteorological Station (1.1mm) as depicted in Figure 1……read more


CS, Mr. Keriako Tobiko, with Vihiga Gvnor, Wilber Ottichilo at the Radio Ranet-Nganyi, in Vihiga. Its broadcasts matters environment and weather predictions.

Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary has appealed to Kenyans to stop politicizing environment matters and focus on conservation noting that, attempts to remove illegal occupants of water towers was constantly resisted by individuals who played tribal politics.

Speaking at Esibila primary school in Vihiga County, during celebrations for this year’s World Meteorological Day, Mr. Tobiko urged leaders to support the Governments Big 4 Agenda of Manufacturing, Affordable Housing, Food security and Universal health, instead of engaging in empty rhetoric, and promised to distribute 3000 tree seedlings to the local primary and secondary schools for planting during the fourth coming long rains.

CS, Keriako Tobiko with CAS,Hon. Mohammed Elmi, with the tradional rain makers of Nganyi at their shirine in Nganyi forest.

The CS at the same time advised the Nganyi traditional rainmakers to register with the authorities in order to avoid exploitation of their indigenous knowledge rights. He made the remarks at the Nganyi rainmakers shrine in Esibila, Vihiga county where he visited to familiarize himself with the indigenous and scientific methods of weather forecasting. The Nganyi traditional rain makers appealed to the government to intervene for the repatriation of their forefathers artifact’s that were confiscated by the colonialists before independence. They also asked the CS for assistance to fence off the one acre shrine for conservation and to avoid encroachment.

CS, Keriako Tobiko with Vihiga Gvonr, Hon. Ottichilo watering a tree, assisted by CCF, Monicah Khalenda and the Director, KEFRI.

Addressing the same gathering, Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo said his government had committed to plant millions of bamboo trees to boost environment conservation and improve the economic status of the local community, saying his county had initiated plans to gazette Esibila hill and Ambasiekwe Rain Makers Shrine for conservation and protection.

The celebrations were also attended by Emuhaya MP Omboko Milebma, the County Commissioner, Susan Waweru, Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry, Hon. Mohammed Elmi and Departmental heads from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.


CS, flanked by Vihiga Gvnor, Wilber Ottichilo, CAS, Hon. Mohammed Elmi and Chief Conservator of Forests, Monicah Khalenda giving his remarks.

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry, Mr. Keriako Tobiko has called on leading agencies to demystify the growing of bamboo, which had immense economic benefits to the Country.

Speaking during a stakeholders public participation on the proposed bamboo policy in Mbale, Vihiga County, Mr. Tobiko called for the immediate roll out of a program to sensitize the public on the importance of the bamboo industry, lamenting that, it was regrettable the Country lagged in bamboo growing, while neighboring Countries who benchmarked in Kenya three decades ago on initiating the trade, were now enjoying the benefits of a vibrant industry.

The CS urged environment agencies to quickly finalize a concept note strategy and policy on bamboo growing to be presented to the Cabinet and Parliament for approval, urging them to link scientific research, action and the community input to ensure successful implementation of the progrmme. He urged the drafters to incorporate the  impact of bamboo growing to Vision 2030, MTP II, Sustainable Development Goals, the big 4 agenda and the Nationally Determined contribution to Climate Change, and commended the Kenya Forestry Research Institute and  collaborating partners for their diligent work in introducing 22 new bamboo varieties that could be grown in the various parts of the Country.

CS with Gvnor Ottichilo, viewing some bamboo products during the forum.

Mr. Tobiko called on Kenyans to embrace bamboo growing, adding that, each part of the Country was now able to plant appropriate varieties according to the latest research findings.

Addressing the stakeholders, Vihiga County Governor, H.E. Hon. Wilber Ottichilo called on the National Government to operationalize the Climate Change Fund to be disbursed to various agencies including the Counties, in order to promote bamboo growing in a bid to mitigate against the effects of climate change on the ecosystems.

The forum, that attracted hundreds of participants from the public, government, non-governmental organizations and the civil society, was also attended by the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry, Hon. Mohammed Elmi, the County Commissioner, Vihiga, Susan Waweru and Departmental heads from the Ministry.

CS, Keriako Tobiko and Vihiga Governor, Hon. Wilber Ottichilo, with other stakeholders on bamboo in a memorable group photo.



CS, Mr. Tobiko with Siaya Gvnor, Cornel Rasanga, Bond MP, Hon. Gideon Ochanda, CAS, Hon. Mohammed Elmi and KEFRI Director, at one of the exhibition stand during the IDF

The Siaya County Government has been advised to initiate the gazettement of 17 hills in the County that require urgent reforestation.

Speaking at Bondo Teachers Training Institute, during the International Day of Forests celebrations, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry, Mr. Keriako Tobiko noted that, restoring the hills with trees was a step to increasing the forest cover in the County, from the current 0.45 per cent, which is the lowest in the Country. Mr. Tobiko pledged to work closely with the County alongside other conservationists. He directed the Kenya Forestry Research Institute to lead the afforestation of the hills once the gazzetment process was completed.

Mr. Tobiko called upon all public and corporate institutions to heed the Presidential directive that, ten percent of their land be put under trees in an effort to achieve the internationally recommended tree cover. He challenged the Ministry of Interior officials, led by the County Commissioners to prioritize tree planting in their development coordination roles as directed recently by the President.

CS, Mr. Keriako Tobiko addressing wananchi in Bondo, Siaya County during the World Forest Day.

Speaking in the same function, the Governor of Siaya County, H.E. Hon. Cornel Rasanga said his County had already signed the Forests Transition Implementation Plan with the Kenya Forests Service, that aims to transfer the management of the resources from the National Government to the County, saying that, the transition was one of the numerous benefits of devolution and pledged to work with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to make the inter-governmental relations a reality.

The occasion was attended by the local MP. Hon. Gideon Ochanda, Siaya County Commissioner, Michael Tialal and the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry, Hon. Mohammed Elmi, among other National and County Government Officials.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry stand during the IDF in Bondo, Siaya.







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