Monday, November 19, 2018
PS, State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli during the launch of the 100 days Rapid Result Initiative at the KICC. He called for Kenyans to Keep Kenya Clean

The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli has emphasized for the focus of the National Government in enforcing Waste Management regulations and for proper mechanisms to be put in place to ensure efficient management of the Sewerage facilities by respective County Governments.

Speaking at the Lake side city of Kisumu, during the 15th National Policy Steering Committee of the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project II – Kenya, Mr. Sunkuli cautioned that, every Kenyan has a right to a clean and healthy environment as enshrined in the Constitution and Vision 2030, and at the same time, emphasized the role of Community Driven Development Sub Projects as effective tools and key foundation in preventing pollution.

The challenge of solid waste management is a real and growing one in Kenya, with most urban centres literally sinking under the weight of garbage. Uncontrolled and improper waste management affects human health, harbour disease causing organisms, thus increasing the cost of Medicare.

The impacts are manifested in the clogging of drainage systems that lead to flooding during rainy seasons, resulting to destruction of infrastructure and at times, loss of lives.

Challenges of solid waste – Principal Secretary, State Department of Env, Charles Sunkuli with Kajiado leaders touring the Ngong dumpsite before ordering for its clossure.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has drawn an action plan for environmentally sound management of waste to ensure that Kenyans enjoy a garbage free, clean and healthy environment as provided for by the constitution 2010.

The implementation of the plan, to be undertaken within 100 days Rapid Results Initiative on Solid Waste Management, will require the support of various sectors, institutions and individuals to be successful. The initiative will comprise key intervention areas which will include:- enhancing collaboration between relevant institutions charged with the responsibility of waste management in order to enhance compliance and enforcement, surveillance missions and inspections on illegal waste dumping especially on highways, riparian reserves and residential areas, and enhance public education and awareness through media engagement in print and electronic.


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