Monday, November 19, 2018
Dr. Mwakima with other participants during the one day retreat.

“We should engage County governments in conservation and restoration efforts of our natural resources in order to achieve the desired results,” the Principal Secretary (Ps) for Parajumpers Selma Natural Belstaff Brooklands Blouson Antique Resources Dr. Jordan Cp3 Vii Ae Review Margaret Mwakima has affirmed. The Ps said this during a meeting with members of conservation groups at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) offices in Nairobi.

The meeting was a follow up of a previous one at the Ps’ office and it was called to explore areas of possible collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Conservation groups particularly IUCN.

Among the possible areas that were identified was landscape restoration where it was agreed that the Ministry through the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) would partner with IUCN to achieve the 10 percent forest cover in the country as prescribed by the new constitution of 2010. This will include dry land forestry where the Kenya Forest Research institute (KEFRI) would advice on the appropriate tree species to be planted in dry or semi-arid areas of the country.

The forum also agreed to work together for better and Golden Goose Pas Cher sustainable water resources management. The Ps said the Ministry through its state agency Kenya Water Towers Agency (KWTA) would ensure that the Country’s water towers are protected and Golden Goose V-Star 2 Rebajas rehabilited so that they can continue serving the country. She also thanked IUCN for their efforts in rehabilitating the country’s water towers.

During the meeting it was also agreed that all the parties would join hands to fight the menace of invasive species which included the water hyacinth in Lake Victoria and other species in the National Parks and other protected areas. The Ps noted that the government would not win the war against these Golden Goose Superstar Solde plants unless it joined hands with the local communities in the affected areas.

It was also agreed that that there was need to join hands in order to protect our wildlife against poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Dr. Mwakima thanked the IUCN for facilitating Kenya and Africa at large in the forthcoming World Conservation Congress to take place in Hawaii.

She was accompanied by the Director Wildlife Conservation Mr. Stephen Manegene and the Director Multilateral Environmental Agreements Mr. Richard Mwendandu. Also present were representatives

 from the IUCN  Kenya Office, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Nature Kenya, East African Wildlife Society, the Kenya Forest Service among others.


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