Saturday, March 17, 2018

img_0758Kenya remains committed to playing its rightful role in ensuring that international trade in endangered species of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival in the wild. This is why Kenya has lobbied and persuaded parties to the CITES to ensure discussion of the proposal before the COP17 bear this intention in mind.

In preparation to the participation for the COP17 conference, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has established a multi-agency Natural CITES Technical Committee, with expertise representation from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya wildlife Service, National Museums of Kenya, Office of the Public Prosecution, State Department of Fisheries and Blue Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and selected National Conservation Non Governmental organizations to prepare County proposal and position on all COP17 agenda items and intervention to be articulated by the Country delegation to the COP in Johannesburg.

The Kenyan Country delegation is headed by Prof .Judi Wakhungu, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

The African Elephant Coalition compromising 29 African Countries who are sharing commitment to ensure the survival of Elephants, has submitted five proposals, together with other  co-proponents to the CITES conference (COP17) to be held in Johannesburg 24th September to 5th October 2016.

This is therefore critically important that parties to CITIES adopt the proposals submitted by Kenya, key among them the five complementary proposals on African Elephant submitted by Kenya and other parties under the framework of the African Elephant coalition, calling for decisive action to ban trade in elephants and Elephants ivory, in order to save the species from extinction.

Over 180 proposals are lined up for discussion as agenda items of the Conference of the parties that will bring together 183 states that are parties to the Convention.


  1. Listing all Elephants in CITES appendix 1
  2. Closure of Domestic ivory Markets
  3. Ivory Stockpile Destruction and Management
  4. The Decision making mechanism for a process of trade in ivory (DMM). Recommends that COP should end Negotiations on the DMM.
  5. Restriction of trade in live elephants


  1. African pangolin; COP17 prop. 12
  2. Thresher Sharks; COP17 prop. 43
  3. Mt Kenya Bush Viper; COP17 prop. 34
  4. Kenya Horned Viper; COP17 prop. 35
  5. Chameleons (Rieppeleon & Rhampholeon); COP 17 prop. 27
  6. Dalbergia spp (Rosewood and Palisanders); COP17 prop. 55
  7. Draft Decision of East African Sandalwood; COP17 doc. 65
  8. International trade in African tree species; COP17 doc. 77
  9. Combating Wildlife Cybercrime; COP17 doc. 29



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