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Nations have been challenged to change their way of life to stop the loss of Biodiversity, which threatens to permanently change the course of human live.

President Enrique Peria Nieto of Mexico noted that Biodiversity was the cornerstone of human existence on earth and it was important to conserve it for their own survival.

He was addressing over 10,000 delegates from 196 Countries during the opening ceremony of the 13th Conference on Biological Diversity {COP 13} at the Moon Palace Convention Centre in Cancun, Mexico.

The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli, leads Kenya’s delegation to the Conference.

The Convention on Biological Diversity Signed by 150 heads of State and government at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit is dedicated to promoting sustainable development.

It recognizes that, biological diversity is about more than just plants, animals and microorganisms and their ecosystems. It is about people and their need for food security, medicines, fresh air and water, shelter, and a clean and healthy environment.

Biodiversity is the life support system of the planet, as human beings depend on it for the air they breathe, food and water. Wetlands filter pollutants from water, trees and plants reduce global warming by absorbing carbon.

At the same time, bacteria and fungi break down organic material and fertilize the soil.

 It has been empirically proved that, native species richness is linked to the health of ecosystems, as is the quality of life for humans.




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