Monday, November 19, 2018


Kenya, which is one of the 196 parties which constitute the Conference of the Parties {CBD/COP}, put a spirited effort during the 13th Conference on Biological Diversity (COP 13), that was held at the Mexican City of Cancun, Mexico, from December 4th to 17th, through pushing the Country’s agenda on Biodiversity and climate change, with the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli, representing the Cabinet Secretary during the High Level Segment, a session for Heads of Governments and Minister’s, that provide political guidance and sets the tempo for the agenda items and negotiations.

Biodiversity, which comprises much of the renewable natural capital on which livelihoods and development are grounded, forms the foundation of life on earth, but it is disappearing in the face of human activity due to pressures driven by a range of socio-economic drivers, and policies relating to issues such as land degradation and desertification, trade, transport, development, climate change, security, health care and education, all have impacts on biodiversity.

In response to these concerns, governments, Kenya included, negotiated the Convention on Biological Diversity {CBD}, to promote sustainable development, thereby, reducing biodiversity loss. The CBD is one of the three RIO Conventions together with Climate Change and Desertification, that entered into force on December, 29th 1993.

The main objective of the Convention on Biological Diversity   are:-conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of components, and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of their utilization,

The Kenyan delegation at COP 13 showcased the Country’s implementation plan of the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit sharing, in an event at the sidelines of the Conference, that was officiated by the Director, Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Mr. Richard Mwendandu on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary; the delegation, also ensured the Country was represented in all the contact groups that were addressing key agenda items under the CBD, and participated at the Global Legislative Forum on Disaster Risk Reduction and Biodiversity, that was moderated by Kenya’s nominated Senator, Hon. Zipporah Kittony,

Among the key agenda items that the Kenyan delegation participated in various contact groups included:- resource and financial mechanisms; public awareness, education and participation; resource mobilization; compliance; synergies; multilateral benefits-sharing mechanisms, global/Nagoya protocol and risk assessment, among others.

Kenya, was also awarded with a Bronze Medal at the Conference, for its success in implementing the Clearing House Mechanism {CHM}, an information exchange sharing platform of the CBD, that is domiciled at the National Environment Management Authority {NEMA}.

The Country’s delegation at the Conference was led by the Principal Secretary, State Department of Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli, and included the Director of Multilateral Environmental Agreements in the Ministry, Mr. Richard Mwendandu and the Biodiversity focal point officer in the Ministry, Mr. Parkinson Ndonye, among others.

The 14th Conference on Biological Diversity, {COP 14), is set to be hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2018.




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