Sunday, December 17, 2017

Crown Plaza photosThe Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has inaugurated a National Wildlife Conservation and Management Strategy policy in a bid to beef up wildlife conservation.

Unveiling the plan in Nairobi, Cabinet Secretary Prof Judi Wakhungu  announced that the strategy is intended to provide guidance to the country on how wildlife will be protected, conserved, managed and sustainably utilized taking into account the three land regimes  among them public, community and private lands alongside the conservation model, innovations and current challenges.

Prof. Wakhungu said the scheme also seeks to review and analyze historical approaches and give an overview of the current conservation models’ in Kenya.

“This strategy should therefore   recognize the emerging opportunities that exist in wildlife as a land use by promoting participatory land-use planning in wildlife corridors and dispersal areas in community and private land, providing innovative benefit-sharing and conflict resolution mechanisms, and engaging in social contracts with communities to increase space for wildlife with shared liabilities”, she added.

The CS joined by Industrialist Manu Chandaria, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec and PS Mwakima at the event.

The CS joined by Industrialist Manu Chandaria, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec and PS Mwakima at the event.

The Cabinet Secretary (CS) tasked the Committee working on the plan to explore innovative ways of education and awareness not only to communities but to various levels of government, in order to reduce conflicting sectorial policies and adequate support to the conservation agenda.

The CS emphasized that the process of strategy formulation is as important as the final product, calling for engagement of stakeholders including national and county, alongside private partners.

The five year strategy is aligned to the vision 2030 and other relevant policy and legal frameworks.

Its implementation will address chronic issues within the wildlife sector such as lack of recognition of wildlife as land use and a major driver of our economy, increase in human-wildlife conflicts, challenges in achieving an integrated wildlife management approach and increased poaching and illegal wildlife trade, among others.

Present at the launch were State Department of Natural Resources Principal Secretary Dr. Margaret Mwakima, US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godhec, Industrialist Manu Chandaria and Conservation Secretary Gideon Gathaara among others.




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