Saturday, March 17, 2018

PS, Environment, Mr. Charles Sunkuli, flanked by the Environment Secretary. Dr. Alice Kaudia and the Director of Programmes, Ms. Agnes Yobteric, addressing the 18th. SECOM meeting in Mwanza, Tanzania

The principal Secretary for Environment Mr. Charles Sunkuli, has called upon the East African Community Council of ministers to influence the partner states to allocate funds to construct a headquarters for lake Victoria basin Commission (LVBC).

He said that Lake Victoria was the lifeline of East African Community upon which millions depended on and that it was imperative for member states to set aside money to strengthen institutions that helped generate economic activities around the water body.

Mr. Sunkuli was addressing the 18th meeting of the Sectoral council of ministers for the Lake Victoria basin held in Mwanza, Tanzania yesterday. He represented the cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources Prof. Judi Wakhungu.

He noted that the lake basin commission had positively impacted on the more than 40 million residents whose livelihoods depended on activities revolving around environment, water resources, maritime among many others.

The 18th SECOM meeting in progress at the Malaikia Beach Resort, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Kenya he said had already donated a plot for the construction of LVBC in Kisumu and was awaiting the partner states to take advantage of the country’s goodwill to build offices adding that the organisation played a critical role to coordinate economic activities that uplifted the standards of living for the community.

The council of Ministers recommended to the partner states to implement a raft of projects and programs that included environment, water and sanitation, maritime transport and communication, health and population, protected areas and ecosystems, Mara River among others.

The Kenyan delegation to the Sectoral Council of Ministers meeting was headed by Mr. Sunkuli and included Principal Secretaries of Water Prof. Fred Segor, East African Community Integration Betty Maina and , senior government officials,




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