Thursday, October 18, 2018


Solar panels in a demonstration farm in Kubuqi desert, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China20170910_053656

Tackling desertification and harnessing the economic opportunities from renewable energy, desert tourism and other sustainable development projects in dry lands, are some of the focus from the on-going UNCCD COP 13 Conference on Desertification in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

Desertification continues to be an important challenge for the World, but investments by government and the private sector, have led to some major successes, including the reversal of desertification trends in some regions, as there are major economic opportunities in a desert green economy.

By investing in natural capital, ecological restoration projects and clean technologies, businesses can tap into new markets in desert tourism, renewable energy and other sectors. When managed sustainably, such actions can stem the tide of desertification, and support healthy, productive ecosystems in the world’s dry lands.

According to experts, Solar energy is a completely renewable resource which means that, even when we cannot make use of the sun’s power because of night time or cloudy and stormy days, we can always rely on the sun showing up the very next day as a constant and consistent power source. The initial cost of solar panels and solar lighting may seem quite but in the long run, it saves quite a great deal of money. It does not cost anything to harness the power of the sun. Harnessing sun’s energy is absolutely free, and the Solar energy creates absolutely no pollution, the solar cells are totally silent and non-polluting, very little maintenance is required to keep solar cells running and there are no moving parts in a solar cell so, they require little or no maintenance at all, and have a long lifetime.

During the13th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the first report to specifically assess wealth created by desert restoration was released. The report “Eco-Restoration and Wealth Creation” notes that, instead of looking at desertification as a problem, it has been viewed as an opportunity for economic development and poverty alleviation.

Economic opportunities in dry lands- delegates to COP 13 touring a demonstration farm in Kubuqi desert, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China



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