Monday, November 19, 2018
CS,Prof. Judi Wakhungu officiating during the KAM-PET sector clean-up exercise at Uhuru Park

The Government of Kenya is committed to honouring efforts to prevent, mitigate and manage pollution, which harms people’s health, societies, ecosystems and security, Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Prof. Judi Wakhungu has said.

Speaking when she presided over the PET Sector clean-up drive at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, Prof. Wakhungu stated that, the Ministry’s willingness to take on pollution head on, proves that public actions make a big difference, and with the ban of the manufacture, sale or use of carrier and flat plastic bags, the nation has made great strides towards environmental conservation.

Noting that the clean-up exercise was in line with the industry’s commitment to manage solid waste in the country as a global best-practice Prof. Wakhungu commended the Kenya Association of Manufacturers role in championing and executing environmental conservation strategies, stating that, their efforts and proactive nature cannot be gainsaid.

The clean-up exercise, that was undertaken by the Ministry of  Environment and Natural Resources, KAM and the Nairobi County Government, aims to among other things, sensitize the public on the importance of appropriate waste disposal and the negative impacts of littering PET materials to the environment, while at the same time, proposing a take-back model, that will address the challenge of PET disposal, by developing a take-back scheme that looks at managing the waste through recycling, while at the same time providing sustainable jobs to citizens.

The Kenya Association of Manufactures, has adopted the successful PETCO South Africa model, which runs an industry driven and financed environmental solution for post-consumer PET plastic. The model provides a solution for post-consumer plastic packaging which is critical in minimizing its impact on the environment.


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