Monday, November 19, 2018

Eng. Simitu (4th from left) joins participants who planted bamboo seedlings to give a thumbs up after the successful exercise where 5000 seedlings were planted.

5,000 bamboo tree seedlings were planted in Ndakaini Dam yesterday in an exercise presided over by the Ministry and organized by Bidco Africa and other stakeholders.

In a speech read by Environment Secretary, Eng. Lawrence Simitu, on behalf of Principal Secretary Charles Sunkuli noted that bamboo is a source of clean energy and encouraged Kenyans and especially those with idle land to plant the trees. He added that bamboo is one of tree species that can enable the country achieve its target of 10% forest cover by 2022 as it regenerates very fast.

‘Bamboo is a ‘wonder plant’ and is used in construction, textiles, paper production, cottage industries, and is a clean energy source’, said Sunkuli. He commended Bidco Africa for its leading initiative towards producing and using clean energy that ensures a healthy environment by planting and using bamboo in their establishments.  He urged other manufacturers to stop using eucalyptus and fossil fuels and emulate Bidco Africa and hence bring down the carbon foot print in the country.

Sunkuli noted that it was rare to see industry take the lead in matters of environment and natural resources as sustainability is not fully understood nor appreciated at the highest level of manufacturing and industry in this country.

Dr. Vimal Shah of Bidco Africa (in white tshirt) briefing the team before embarking on the bamboo planting exercise at Ndakaini Dam . ES Eng. Lawrence Simitu (2nd left) represented the PS Simitu

He reiterated that the era of taking resources from the environment without replenishing is over as climate change is here and is real. ‘ there are no fancy solutions for climate change, the truth is, we have to increase the forest cover and take from nature in a responsible and mindful way particularly in terms of energy’, he stressed.

Sunkuli expressed satisfaction that the tree planting exercises being carried out in the country will make a big difference to our environment, our water towers, the food security situation and our future.

The function was also attended by the Nairobi County Government CEC in charge of Water and Environment Larry Wambua, Deputy Speaker and several MCAs.  Wambua announced that 7/7/2018 had been set aside by the county as a cleanup day adding that this will be done every first week of every month. He urged Nairobians to come out in large numbers to clean the environment.





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