Saturday, April 20, 2019

A cross-section of participants during the meeting.

The Principal Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ali Noor Ismail has underscored the need for raising awareness on the effects of climate change among the youth.

The PS has said that involving learners from tender age on climate change issues will help them come up with intervention measures aimed at reducing the negative effects of climate change.

In a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Director in charge of the Climate Change Directorate, Augustine Kenduiwo , during a meeting to review the 2018 and 2019 Kenya Climate Change Art and Essay competition, the PS  said that youths should be involved in steering the National Climate Change Action Plans .

He called on the planning committee to ensure that the 2019 Essay Competition is a success and involve more youths from across the county in order to help them to come up with strategies for adaptation and mitigation of climate change effects.

He said that there is need to prioritize education of children on climate change.

Director, Climate Change- Programs Coordinator Dr. Pacifica Ogola demonstrate one of the essays competition poster during the meeting.

The PS noted that during this year’s competition, the organizing committee should get more schools involved in the competition and set standards high to ensure the theme for the competition is clearly captured and the best are chosen through the process.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Director for Climate Change- Programs Coordinator Dr. Pacifica Ogola said that such programs will inform on the climate change curriculum being developed between the ministry of environment and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

She said that the scope for this year should be widened in order to bring more learners on board in all the categories.

She said that there is need to raise awareness on the competition to encourage those who did not participate last year to get involved.

Deputy Director in charge of Climate Change Directorate, Augustine Kenduiwo , delivering the PS speech during the official opening of the meeting



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