Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cabinet Secretary for Environment Keriako Tobiko tours the KEFRI stand during the World Wetlands Day celebrations at Rumuruti sub county, Laikipia County.

The Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko has said that the National Government and Laikipia County Government will work with the local community to save the endangered Ewaso Narok wetland in Rumurutu Sub County.

He assured the local community that the government will not evict them but was out to seek sustainable management of the swamp that serves thousands of people downstream.

The wetland is threatened by human activity that includes livestock grazing, crops growing, fish rearing and deforestation that has caused drying up of the water source.

Ministry of Environment and forestry has published a notice of intention to gazette the wetland into a protected natural resource.

Mr.Tobiko made the remarks while addressing residents during the World Wetlands day celebrations held at the marura swamp near Rumuruti town.

He was accompanied by the Laikipia County governor Mr. Nderitu Muriithi, Laikipia west MP Patrick Mariru, Isiolo County C.E.C for Environment Abdi Dawood among other leaders from laikipia, isiolo and samburu Counties.

The CS decried the wanton destruction of forests and water catchment areas citing political interference that hampers conservation efforts.

Earlier the CS made a courtesy call on the governor where he emphasized the importance of National and County governments to work seamlessly to conserve and preserve the country’s natural resources for the benefit of posterity.

The CS noted that the government’s intention was to improve management of the wetland in a sustainable manner to enable all communities including those downstream to enjoy the benefits of the wetland.

Mr. Tobiko added that better management of the natural resources would create cohesion and harmony among kenyans.

Mr. Ndiritu called for efforts to conserve Marmanet and Rumuruti forests that were water catchment areas of the wetland.

CS joins local dancers during the celebrations



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