Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary KeriakoTobiko has underscored the need for corporate organizations to commit more of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets in conservation of the environment.

The CS has said that the government is grappling with effects of environmental degradation, arising from economic activities in the sea such as, Pollution from domestic, industrial and agricultural sources, oil and hazardous materials spill; which destroy the vital ecosystems habitats.

Speaking today at Khoja Mosque in Nairobi during a Fine Arts Exhibition of Marine Photography by Prince Hussain Aga Khan, Tobiko said that marine littering remains a challenge in the country and vouched for polices and legislations  to curb the menace.

He said that the government alone cannot be able to meet the10 % tree cover target and organizations like the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) should pursue common efforts in re-afforestation.

“Initiatives in conservation such as the Focused on Nature conservation fund which I understand is partly financed by the proceeds from conservation photography is commendable” he said.

The CS said that through Prince Hussain’s photography the world is able to see and appreciate the beauty and importance of our marine wildlife and ecosystem. Saying that, the beauty is likely to be lost if the current trends of environmental degradation continues.

Mr. Tobiko said that the government is considering options to ban the use of plastics pets, straws and disposable plastic cutlery as a measure to stop the production and use of plastics.

The CS said that the exhibition collection by Prince Hussain Aga Khan is a true display of exceptional passion for marine ecosystem photography and a deep desire to bring to our knowledge the wealth and diversity of what exists in our seas and oceans.

“I express our gratitude to the Aga Khan Development Network for giving nature a voice through documentaries and supporting Kenyas efforts towards the achievement of the 10% tree cover by 2022″. Said the CS.

The Government of Kenya he said appreciates efforts by the AKDN for supporting various social programmes in Kenya, particularly in the sectors of health, education and conservation including preservation of culture and heritage.

“I express our gratitude to the AKDN for giving nature a voice through documentaries and supporting Kenyas efforts towards the achievement of the 10% tree cover by 2022”  He added.

Mr. Tobiko said that oceans also provide critical ecosystem services and contain diverse coastal and marine ecosystems that support local and national economies and are a major supply source for the fishing industry and they also support the tourism industry as well as commerce and trade.

The CS said critical coastal and marine ecosystems sequester carbon. Large stock of earths blue carbon is stored in estuaries, coastal forests, mangroves, sea-grass beds and coral reefs, all these play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change as well as directly or indirectly, supporting the livelihood systems of people who live within the coastal zone.

Mr. Tobiko said the national government has put in place various legislation in the form of policies and Acts and is developing a new standalone sustainable solid waste management Policy and Bill to address our environmental concerns.

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