Monday, December 6, 2021

PHOTO-2021-05-10-15-34-51_1Environment and Forestry CS Keriako Tobiko announced today that the Ministry through NEMA was developing a Green Flag Award scheme as a national standard for restored parks and green spaces in Kenya. This Award he said seeks to recognise and reward parks and green spaces that are well managed and meet the approved standards.

CS Tobiko said that the Award has a Community Award which encourages residents to take responsibility for the management of green spaces for the benefit of their local community/residents, adding that the Awards would be given annually and that winners are to renew their Green Flag Award status yearly and fly a green flag indicating they are meeting the national standards.

CS Tobiko made the remarks today in a speech read on his behalf by NEMA Director General Mr. Mamo Mamo during the unveiling of the Nyari Green Space at the Nyari Estate. The CS said that the quality of open green space within residences can have a positive impact depending on how places are perceived and valued, ackowledging the Nyari residents for being environmental conscious and taking a bold step to fight to reclaim the grabbed space to establish a beautiful children park and a green space for the residents.

PHOTO-2021-05-10-15-34-51The CS underscored the importance of the such green spaces as they present residents with opportunities to establish food forest gardens, pollinator gardens, a variety of trees and a pond which provide habitat for wildlife and enhance biodiversity.” I would like to urge the government lead agencies to incorporate green spaces in their planning framework to enhance the quality of the environment and ensure sustainable development in our country”, CS Tobiko noted.

The CS said that the establishment and restoration of green spaces was a priority of H.E the President that was demonstrated when he officially opened Hon. John Michuki memorial Park, On 14th August, 2020. During that ceremony, the President reiterated that “as citizens of the city, we must make a covenant with the city to take care of the green spaces and their attendant species’’.

CS Tobiko underscored the importance such public utilities adding that they effective arenas for promoting healthy lifestyles, enhancing community cohesion and also providing the necessary recreational and ecological services.” l wish to commend the leadership and the residents of Nyari for this great initiative to enhance the quality of the environment of the estate’, the CS noted.

CS Tobiko challenged other residents’ associations to borrow a leaf from the Nyari residents and plan for and improve their green space assets in their neighbourhood, in an endeavour to encourage positive uses of open green space that bring people together, build stronger communities and contribute to a healthier society.

“My Ministry coordinated the rehabilitation and restoration of a number of green spaces, parks and forest blocks, the Michuki Memorial park, City Park, Arboretum, Ngong Rd forests, Karura amongst others, well designed and managed green spaces are safe for people to access and enjoy as play grounds for children and as park for recreation, socializing and relaxing”, the CS avowed

PHOTO-2021-05-10-15-34-51As regards nature, the CS said that nature will judge us harshly for destroying it through our greed and neglect, adding that the onus was thus upon us restores, conserve and protect our environment, echoing the words of the late Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, “ we are called to help the earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own” challenging Kenyans to make the necessary sacrifices for the sake of our heritage and that of generations to come.


Present at the ceremony were the Chairman Nyari Residents Society Mr. Rahmat Ghassmi, and the leadership of the Nyari Resident Society.
























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