Thursday, December 3, 2020

Kenya became the official environment capital of the World when it welcomed over 160 Countries for the historic United Nations […]

The inaugural United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) meeting concluded its five-day deliberations at UNEP, Nairobi, with resolutions that encourage international […]

Africa should unite by building a common front in governance of climate change related issues, Principal Secretary, State Department of […]

Institutions that were create under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA), have been challenged to professionally discharge their respective […]

Bush meat poaching has become a multi-billion shillings business and unsuspecting consumers find the delicacy on their menus across the […]

The Environment took Centre stage as the world converged in Kenya for a landmark meeting of the first session ever […]

Kenyans have been reminded of the need to address issues of climate change that threaten the country’s future economic growth, […]

The Government recognizes the role environmentalists play as chief stewards of the World’s ecosystem. Speaking during  the Equator  prize for […]

The Principal Secretary, State Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Dr. Richard Lesiyampe, has lauded Demark for its continued support […]

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The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources Dr. Richard Lesiyampe, has said that, Kenya has […]

Climate change ranks among the greatest global issues today as it threatens every creation and life under planet earth, threatens […]

Kenyans have been called to actively take responsibility of their environment and at the same time reflect on the role […]

Government Extends moratorium on logging public and community fortests

Government Extends moratorium on logging public  and community  fortests ….read more

Environment and Forestry PS Dr. Chris Kiptoo calls for concerted effort towards the achievement of at least 10% national tree cover by 2022.

Environment and forestry PS Dr. Chris Kiptoo extoled the media for the key role they play in promoting forest and […]


Ministry of Environment and Forestry Principal Secretary Dr. Chris Kiptoo has decried the high demand for timber products which is […]


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