Monday, October 18, 2021
Environment and Forestry PS Dr. Chris Kiptoo and UNDP Resident Representative Mr.Walid Badawi, share alight moment during a Media Sensitization Breakfast on the 10% National Tree Cover project at a Nairobi Hotel yesterday.

Environment and Forestry PS Dr. Chris Kiptoo and UNDP Resident Representative Mr.Walid Badawi, share alight moment during a Media Sensitization Breakfast on the 10% National Tree Cover project at a Nairobi Hotel yesterday.

Environment and forestry PS Dr. Chris Kiptoo extoled the media for the key role they play in promoting forest and environment conservation through education, advocacy and awareness creation.

Dr. Kiptoo celebrated the milestones so far made in exposing the vices of forests destruction in the country adding that the Ministry will continue to seek collaboration and partnership in promoting environmental stewardship and transparency in the management of our valued forestry resources.

The PS said that the Ministry was mandated with an onerous responsibility of driving national efforts in protecting, conserving and managing the environment and forest resources for socio-economic development.‘We therefore have a special task of securing our forest resources to ensure their continued service to key sectors of economic development including agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, livestock, wildlife, manufacturing, water, health and energy’. This is despite some challenges posed by over harvesting, change of the forest land to other uses, increased incidences of forest fires, and overgrazing leading to deforestation as well as forest degradation. Dr. Kiptoo affirmed.

The PS acknowledged the Ministry commitment to   increase the forest cover to match the globally recommended minimum adding that Kenyanswere equally eager to see the forest cover increased and have assigned themselves constitutional requirement and broad policy obligations to achieve and maintain a forest cover above 10%.

Towards this end, the Ministry was reaching out to stakeholders to build a strong partnership that supports massive afforestation and reforestation programs. In this respect, the Ministry is mobilizing resources to produce enough seeds and seedlings for planting while rallying the citizenry to participate in rehabilitation programs across the country. ‘It is an expensive undertaking and we are equally exploring opportunities of mobilizing resources to ensure we ultimately reach our goal. PS Kiptoo noted.

Dr. Kiptoo, saidthe Ministry had developed an elaborate strategy that describes key areas of interventions that are likely to realize the goal. The Strategy provides the basis for a wider stakeholders’ participation in accelerating government initiatives to plant and grow trees in compliance with the Constitutional target of 10% tree cover and the Presidential Directivetargeting at least of 10% national tree cover by 2022.

The PS said, the Strategy identifies actions that will accelerate tree production at the local level and also bring on board stakeholders in the afforestation, including the private sector to support tree establishment across the country, calling on the Media to support the implementation of the Strategy by bringing on board comparative strengths in public education, awareness and sensitization.

Concept Note towards a 10% National Forest Cover

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry in partnership and UNDP are implementing the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) REDD+ Readiness Project in Kenya in collaboration with partners drawn from both national and county-level institutions and agencies, independent commissions, the private sector, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), research/academia and local communities.

The Project aims at supporting Kenya’s efforts to pursue long-term, transformative development and accelerate sustainable climate resilient economic growth, while slowing the soaring rates of GHG emissions emanating from the forest sector. The REDD+ Readiness Project supports the government in meeting its national targets of increasing forest cover to 10% and more.

One of the activities under the project is to sensitize a critical mass of stakeholders, including national and county government officials, local communities and youths on Kenya’s efforts towards mitigating the effects of climate change and forest degradation while reinforcing the importance of increasing the country’s forest cover. To be able to sensitize this critical mass about the importance of forestry conservation and management, the media plays a key role in disseminating these messages. As such there is a need to continue to raise awareness on the importance of forestry particularly tree growing that entails planting and protection until maturity at an individual level – farms and homesteads; as well as growing of the trees in public land.

Due to the pressing necessity to increase public awareness towards shared responsibility in addressing concerns with regard to continued deforestation, forest degradation and the need for enhanced protection, conservation and sustainable management of forests resources, it is befitting that media personnel understand the urgency and importance of increasing the Country’s forest cover to 10% or more which would reduce greenhouse emissions by reforestation.

The overall objective is to increase the understanding among key media personnel such as editors and journalists drawn from media houses on the importance of increasing the national 10% forest cover in Kenya and the mechanism being put in place to achieve this target. This eventually will enable them to ably report on forest conservation in Kenya and call for the general public to participate in the tree growing campaign.

The expected outcome of the Project is to highlight the importance of raising awareness of tree planting and growing in Kenya which will eventually contribute to the attainment of the 10% and more forest cover. This meeting will eventually feed into the planned media campaign of raising awareness around the 10% Forest Cover as the invited media personnel will be able to adequately report on the said initiative.


In respect to preparation and delivery, REDD+ PMU will oversee arrangements for the Media Breakfast Meeting. The team together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry team will be responsible for identifying media personnel to be trained, including necessary preparations logistical preparation among others.


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