Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Challenges of solid waste - Principal Secretary, State  Department of Env, Charles Sunkuli with Kajiado leaders  touring the Ngong dumpsite before ordering for its clossure.

Challenges of solid waste – Principal Secretary, State Department of Env, Charles Sunkuli with Kajiado leaders touring the Ngong dumpsite before ordering for its clossure.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural resources has launched a Waste management programme whose strategy is to have Zero Waste in future. This will be done by promoting resource recovery to ensure a clean environment.

A National Steering Committee with representation from key sectors from the national and county governments is in place to spearhead the programme and promote sound management of waste using various structures.  Religious organizations are also involved to ensure that every member of the society plays their role in proper waste management.

‘Cleaning of the environment is the responsibility of each one of us and should not be left to the Government alone.  It is a critical issue that requires concerted effort from every citizen of this great country to succeed’, said Charles Sunkuli, Principal Secretary in the department when he officially opened a workshop on Solid Waste Management in Lukenya.

The Programme will start off with the Ngong Dumpsite project that is spearheaded by the Kajiado County Government as a pilot project. The aim is to have the project demonstrate how to have a sanitary land-fill, and decommission a dumpsite in a town with appropriate waste management technology.

‘This is a clear case of an organized value chain and this committee will use it as a model for other urban centers in the country to get dump sites out of the town center’, said Sunkuli when he visited the site on a fact finding mission.

The County Government has already identified land for the project and the Ministry has held discussions with The National Treasury and identified financial resources for the same. The Italian Government is also willing to offer financial support to this noble project.

During the workshop, the Principal Secretary tasked the Committee to look at all existing legislations and regulations, review them and see if any changes are required, indicate time frames and make recommendations. To enforce the laws, the police will work closely with the Judiciary and make recommendations on what else is required to enforce the laws. Already, the Judiciary has created an Environment and Land Court to be launched in this month and this will go long way in creating awareness and enhance visibility on environment matters and especially during the court users open days.

The Ministry will also embark on a publicity and creation awareness campaign to try to change people’s attitudes and behavior and persuade them to adopt proper habits in sustainable waste management.

The programme which is a flag ship project of the Ministry will ensure sound waste management of all types of waste in the country. It will encourage segregation of waste at source up to the disposal stage among other measures.  It will start with Kajiado County as a pilot project before being rolled out to other counties.




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